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I am a versatile copywriter and I can handle any subject, whether or not it lies within my existing portfolio. I have a long history of quickly getting to grips with new topics and writing persuasively on them. So if you need some copywriting in an area that isn't mentioned on this website, don't worry. Just ask.

Reversing the seven signs of ageing (or the fifty shades of red)

Posted on 29/09/2016

“Has the car that was once your gleaming pride and joy become dull with age? Do you think nothing short of a respray could restore its showroom looks? I thought so too, until I met Gary Pike of Shiny Happy Cars.” MG colour renovation project described by copywriter Mark Nicholson, based in Truro, Cornwall. Visit website

Press release: No need to be lonely

Posted on 09/03/2016

For the mature and disabled, life can sometimes feel like a long stretch of solitary confinement – but it needn’t be that way. If today’s young and able-bodied can live much of their lives via computers, tablets and smartphones, why shouldn’t the less mobile do the same? Continue reading

Press release: A Robin's Song

Posted on 22/10/2013

The work of Children’s Hospice South West, with its mission to make the most of short and precious lives, is to benefit from what is believed to be the region’s largest ever wildlife art exhibition and auction. (Sunday 3rd November, Merchant House Hotel, Falmouth Road, Truro) Continue reading

Press release: Grassroots Hero

Posted on 16/10/2013

Prince William has presented a Football Association award to Will Hoskings of Goonhavern in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the game. Will was one of 150 volunteers in England – and the only one from Cornwall – selected to receive the special Grassroots Heroes honour in celebration of the FA’s 150th anniversary. Continue reading

Big world… small world

Posted on 05/07/2013

A little piece about our first impressions of Egypt, from the diary of a visit several years ago. I just thought I’d share it. I hope we will go again one day. Continue reading

Still flying

Posted on 24/06/2013

If you’re a cyclist, like me, you probably spend a lot of time looking at bikes and bike reviews, drawing up mental shortlists of which models you would buy if you had the cash. I’m also fully aware of which sports car I would buy if I suddenly became rich. In the meantime, the bike I inherited in 1970 is still the only one I’ve ever owned. Continue reading

Proper Care press release: Shock news on the doormat

Posted on 13/06/2013

Hundreds of elderly and disabled adults in Cornwall have just received a letter containing news that will change their lives. The circular from Cornwall Council advises them that their current provider of care at home is not on the list of Approved Providers who the Council will be using in future. Continue reading

Britain by road

Posted on 05/04/2013

The golden age of motoring may be long gone but there is still much to be said for the flexibility of touring by car. And when the car is a bright red, open-topped MG, it’s possible to recapture some of the old romance of travelling Britain’s highways and byways. Words and pictures from Mark Nicholson of Mark Nicholson Copywriting, Truro, Cornwall. Visit website

Press release: Free Apostrophe Surgery

Posted on 20/03/2013

Are you having trouble with an apostrophe? Cornwall-based writer Mark Nicholson is offering to implant, reposition or extract it for you through his Free Apostrophe Surgery. Continue reading

Press release (Dec 2012): Wild women triumph

Posted on 26/02/2013

The journey of a group of Cornish women from tribulation to triumph has been highlighted by the announcement of a national award. Continue reading

Press release: It’s a dog’s life

Posted on 27/11/2012

A Truro writer has swapped the bustle of an international marketing agency for a small office at home… and the company of four dogs. Continue reading

Temples and toilets

Posted on 26/11/2012

An account of a holiday my wife Tricia and I took in Egypt in 2004. Warning: it's 9,742 words long. Just putting it here for future reference. Continue reading