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I am an environmentalist with degrees in zoology and ecology. In my early career I wrote extensively on nature conservation issues and my active interest continues. I am also deeply interested in the wider topic of sustainability, from both an environmental and an engineering perspective. Many of my industrial clients require copywriting that draws together green issues and technology.

South West Waste website

Posted on 11/08/2021

As copywriter for the Wascle waste clearance services website, I was asked to do the same for South West Waste – which is part of the same group. Visit website

Press release: Don’t let rubbish get on top of you

Posted on 24/04/2020

I wrote and issued a press release for Cornwall-based Wascle, highlighting services available to locked-down householders generating extra bulky rubbish through their home improvement projects. Continue reading

Eureka: Wrap up green for healthier profits

Posted on 15/08/2019

In this article for Eureka, the magazine for materials handling professionals, I take a look at logistics packaging. Today there are many sustainable choices that make good business sense. I especially enjoy copywriting assignments like this which combine my interests in engineering and the environment. Visit website

Wascle website

Posted on 10/05/2019

Based in Cornwall, Wascle offers easy, cost-saving and environmentally friendly waste clearance services. I was delighted to provide the copywriting for this green company’s new website. Visit website

Dog Friendly Cornwall adder article

Posted on 20/12/2018

I was asked to write an article on adders – one of my favourite subjects – by Viki Carpenter of Gloss Media ( for Dog Friendly Cornwall magazine. Visit website

Press release: Cornwall Wildlife Trust announces new Chairman

Posted on 04/02/2014

I was recently elected as Chairman of Cornwall Wildlife Trust. This is something I do in my spare time, while continuing in my day job as a copywriter. To save the Trust staff a bit of time I wrote the announcement press release myself. Continue reading

Eureka: Why sustainability makes common sense

Posted on 25/11/2013

In this article for Eureka, the magazine for materials handling professionals, I had a chance to combine two of my main writing interests: engineering and the environment. Being green is very fashionable and it's something that customers are increasingly demanding of their equipment suppliers. What's more, environmentally friendly choices often make the best economic sense. In this summary I set out the main considerations involved in selecting a sustainable forklift truck. Visit website

Press release: Scaling up support

Posted on 08/02/2013

Supporters of frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards will be gathering in Cornwall on Sunday 3rd March 2013 for a South West regional meeting of Britain’s Amphibian and Reptile Groups. Continue reading

Minority groups

Posted on 11/01/2013

This is an article about minority groups. The minorities I have in mind are the species groups that are less well supported in terms of conservation action and concern. While birds, for example, are generally at the top of many people’s priority list, followed by mammals and anything else that looks cute or conventionally beautiful, others remain neglected in comparison. Continue reading