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Press release: Inspired – and inspiring – design

D3 Architects - Lizard project - photo by Simon Burt

National exposure for Truro architect’s work

A remarkable project designed by Truro-based D3 Architects features prominently in the latest issue of Build It – one of the building market’s most prestigious popular-interest magazines.

Architect Simon Longworth-Riggs has helped the Eddy family to transform a shabby 1980s dwelling on the Lizard Peninsula into a showpiece whose design details are already inspiring other property developers.

A large balcony, with extensive use of safety glass, is now the most immediately impressive feature of a house which was previously so ugly that the Eddys – and many others – initially refused to visit. Making the most of its stunning coastal views has been the key to this property’s metamorphosis, as Simon explains.

“All of the builders who came to quote were distinctly unimpressed by the original building until they went upstairs and looked out. Each one of them then reached for his phone and took a photo.”

Jonathan Eddy recalls, “It was covered in yellow pebbledash, which just looked awful. However, what it did have was a good location, excellent views and just the right amount of space. Once we stepped inside the property we instantly recognised its potential – all it needed was a facelift.”

“Facelift” is something of an understatement for remodelling work whose total cost was over £350,000. An upside-down arrangement, with living space upstairs and bedrooms below, maximised the value of the coastal vistas. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors and increased window area at the front ensured that the sea was always in sight.

The balcony, which added 26 metres of extra space, was deliberately shaped to form separate activity areas for the parents and their three young children. Ripping out the whole of the main staircase and turning it around was another of the more radical alterations.

Bayly Builders of Perranporth handled the renovations, which also included bathroom refurbishments, new flooring and fresh rendering. Outside, the grounds were landscaped and hard areas resurfaced.

“The success of this project owes much to the courage, trust and vision of the client,” says Simon. “Some people would have doubted the wisdom of spending so much on this property but now everyone completely understands. The Eddys have ended up with a home that fully meets their aspirations – and into the bargain they have increased its value to around a million pounds.”

He adds, “At D3 we always aim to ‘design, delight and deliver’, which means turning clients’ dreams into reality – practically, and within budget. Not all clients are as decisive as the Eddys but in every case we adapt to their needs and find the design that best fits them.”

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Photo caption: D3 Architects’ design has transformed a previously ugly 1980s dwelling into an inspirational showpiece

Photo credit: Simon Burt