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Stress analysis – on-site

Stress analysis – on-site

Wouldn’t life be simple if any component or structure subjected to stresses could be taken to a fully equipped ‘stress centre’ for routine analysis? In real life, it’s not always possible to move the item you want to test. In fact, in many cases stress analysis only makes sense if it is carried out as an element of long-term monitoring on site. There is a clearly a need for stress analysis services out in the field.

This is why Applied Measurements, in addition to making and supplying sensor products, has a field service team in constant action around Britain and overseas. Working in partnership with specialists from Sensor Solutions Ltd, the team provides tailored solutions that allow reliable measurement in any engineering application and in any conditions.

Often this involves bonding strain gauges directly to structures, machines or individual components. Any parameter can be specified, and the work can include short-term measurements, long-term tests and multiple-channel monitoring. Applications can be fixed or rotating, and in some cases wireless signal transmission is needed. Extremes of temperature and potential for explosions are just some of the environmental hardships and hazards tackled in the course of this work.

Whatever the customer needs, the team will provide. For some, that may simply mean installation and calibration of the equipment. For others it may extend to designing bespoke transducers for a test run, or carrying out the full installation, testing the system and providing a report on completion. This on-site strain gauge bonding and structural stress analysis service is ISO 9001 certified and is available worldwide.