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Vortex liquid flow meters

Vortex flow meter for hazardous applications

Elsewhere on this site you will be able to read in some detail about the principles and advantages of the vortex flow meter. As a quick reminder, this is one of the classes of meter whose operation depends on modifying flow in some way. Today I would like to talk about the ability of the Innova-Flo range of vortex flow meters, from Sierra Instruments, to deal with extremes of temperature and pressure, and with hazardous fluids.

This series, which includes both inline and insertion type meters, has been designed to provide the process industry with reliable volumetric flow measurement in a wide range of conditions.

Constructed in 316L stainless steel, C276 Hastalloy or A105 carbon steel, the Innova-Flo meters are suitable for use with many different fluid and gas flows. In particular, the FM, CSA and CE have approved the type 221 vortex flow meter for use in handling fluids which present hazards.

Whether dealing with liquids, steam, or gases of constant density, volumetric flow is indicated via a direct reading. The accuracy achieved is +/- 1.2% of the flow rate in the case of liquids and +/- 1.5% for gases or steam over a range of 30:1.

The meters’ unique insertion design, featuring ANSI flanges, allows use with process piping anywhere between 2 and 72 inches in diameter. For pipe diameters between 0.5 and 8 inches, the inline versions are typically chosen.

In Model 240V there is a facility for constant density input, allowing calculation of mass flow for incompressible liquids or, alternatively, constant density gas or steam flow. This model is equipped with loop power and has a 4-20 loop output. The range also offers a separate totaliser pulse output as standard.

The Innova-Flo range of vortex flow meters helps to reduce billing and contractual disputes, as it features an advanced on-board flow computer with AGA-8 algorithms for measurement of natural gas.

Smart electronics allow access to all measured variables, programming menus and permitted field configurations from the control panel or work station, via RS485, MODBUS or HART protocols.

An ambient temperature range from minus 20 to plus 60 degrees C presents no problem to any of the type 240 Innova-Flo meters, which means they are all suitable for most industrial processing applications.

The acceptable process fluid temperature range is from minus 40 to plus 260 degrees C when the standard sensor is used. For more extreme applications, the high temperature sensor allows a range from minus 40 to plus 400 degrees C.

Both insertion and inline flow meters in the Innova-Flo range can withstand pressures up to 600 psig.