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Pittcon 2013

Is Pittcon 2013 for you?

If you’re involved in any aspect of laboratory science, the answer is yes. And whether you are based close to the Philadelphia venue or on the other side of the world, the answer is still yes.

Key audience groups include the world’s life science, pharmaceutical research, quality control, food safety, environmental and bioterrorism sectors, but that is certainly not a complete list. Pittcon has a lot to offer anyone, in any field, whose work requires identification, quantification, analysis or testing of chemical or biological properties at compound or molecular level. That includes both scientists and managers of scientists.

Some 90 countries worldwide will be represented among the 17,000 industrial, academic and government delegates who will attend, making Pittcon a truly global showcase for a truly global marketplace.

Assuming you are in a position to attend conferences and exhibitions at all, to keep abreast of the latest advances that will help enhance your own work, it makes sense to attend this one – the world’s largest. The registration fee is very small, but even the expense of travel and accommodation can be viewed as a very cost-effective investment when you consider that so many technical experts, suppliers and fellow scientists will all be available to you in one place.

You will certainly be going home with knowledge of innovations that will allow immediate improvements to the running of your laboratory. You will also have gained new and useful information on your subject, and related disciplines, having attended a number of technical presentations from the 2,000 on offer.

There are formal opportunities to attend short courses on a range of topics, which will provide you with fresh insights within your own discipline or useful training in other areas. Informally, you will be networking with many people who share your interest – from renowned scientists and leading experts to delegates in similar jobs to your own, whose shared experience will be equally valuable.

If you are considering a career move, now or in the future, Pittcon is a great place to meet recruiters, make contacts and become more aware of openings and careers.

As befits such a gathering of innovators, there are special facilities to help attendees in putting together the most effective personal schedules and viewing information on the exhibitors – using the Pittcon Mobile App or Agenda Builder. The programme is interspersed with relaxed ‘mixer’ sessions in which you can network and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

The impressive venue and its surrounds will add further to what the organisers promise will be a first-class experience that will renew your enthusiasm and help to power innovation and technology.