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Nexen press release: Choice expanded

In its continuing quest to offer genuine alternatives, Suffolk-based Nexen Lift Trucks has expanded its X-Range of IC engine counterbalance trucks to include 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 tonne models. They will be built at the wholly British-owned company’s Lowestoft plant, from which after-sales support will be readily available.

Born out of its founders’ dissatisfaction with the existing choice of products, Nexen was set up in 2003 with a stated aim of innovating rather than imitating.

This is reflected in such features as the anti-rollback system on the X-Range Optimal+ models. While anti-rollback is becoming quite a common option on trucks with hydrostatic drives, Nexen has designed its own version to work with torque converter transmissions.

Nexen’s anti-rollback system is part of the Optimal+ transmission package which also includes oil-cooled disc brakes and modulated power reversal, for smooth performance and reduced component wear.

Another illustration of Nexen challenging accepted design boundaries is the X-Range operator cabin’s class-leading, spacious, uncluttered flat floor, featuring a single pendant-mounted brake pedal.

With over 40 years of experience in the forklift hire, sales and service business, Nexen’s owners have a thorough understanding of what truck users and dealers really want and need. High on that list is operator comfort and safety.

All FDX and FGX 4.0-5.0 models feature a fully floating driver cell which effectively insulates against vibration. Standard safety design includes a strong, sectional overhead guard that provides maximum protection and excellent all-round vision.

Development of the X-Range has been driven by a European design team, based in Suffolk, which recognises the needs of the home market.

Choice is seen as very important, which is why each of the new trucks is available at Standard, Optimal and Optimal+ specification levels, to suit different budgets and requirements, and with multiple options to match specific applications.

There are multiple engine choices, including Diesel Euro Stage 3B / Tier 4 Final. LPG options include an electronically controlled, closed-loop fuel system with 3-way catalyst which is CARB/EPA certified for the North American market.

Durability and serviceability are among the most important contributing factors to controlling a lift truck’s total cost of ownership and, in turn, the return on investment. One small example of Nexen’s attention to detail in this respect is the heavy-duty taper roller kingpin bearings used in it steer axle.

Another is the ease with which the X-Range can be maintained. Its radiator, for instance, can be changed in less than 15 minutes. And despite the truck’s high-tech engineering, Nexen has answered customer demand by making maintenance possible without the use of a laptop.

Nexen is confident that the new trucks will succeed on their own merits, in terms of quality and price, but is also keen to point out the advantages of buying British. “There is a growing pride in the excellence of Britain’s design and craftsmanship. In contrast, customers are aware that the expertise and build quality that goes into products sourced from overseas can be very variable,” says Director Pam Oakes.

“Most customers have also at some point felt the frustration of long waiting times for delivery of products and services from the other side of the world. In comparison, we are right on your doorstep and we are committed to providing a better level of support than lift truck dealers and customers have traditionally expected.”

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