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There are thousands of copywriters to choose from, so how do you choose one? Here are some of the factors that make me different.

Track record and knowledge

I’ve been copywriting successfully for over 30 years now. When it comes to my specialised areas, such as industrial, engineering, scientific, technical and environmental copywriting, I have a distinct head start. You won’t have to waste time explaining everything and I will work from whatever brief you give me – whether it’s minimal or highly detailed.


You will find examples of my work on this website and I can show you more on request. Throughout my career I have quickly digested and written persuasively on any subject presented to me, adapting the style and tone to meet each project’s needs.

No mistaking

It seems very unfair that something as trivial as a typing error or a grammatical mistake should deter a customer from doing business with you, but that’s human nature. My attention to detail will immediately remove that obstacle.


Have you ever missed out on a useful promotional or sales opportunity because a piece of writing was late? That won’t happen with me. If I say it will be ready by a particular date, it will be. I’m very organised and reliable by nature, as anyone who has worked with me will tell you. (I can provide referees if you wish.)


We can come to an arrangement over hourly rates but what really matters is the bottom line for each project. I work very efficiently, and the time I spend on a job is sensibly judged, so the number of hours is always kept reasonable. Better still, if you prefer, I am happy to agree a fixed price for a project in advance.

If you would like to know more, please email me at or give me a call on my mobile 07976 052006. I am based in Cornwall but thanks to the wonders of modern communication my services are used throughout the UK and internationally.